25 things

25 Things I Love and Miss about Kaiya Rae

1. Kissing her cheeks.  Oh I love those sweet baby cheeks.

2. Her big blue eyes.  Would they still be blue? Would they have stayed blue?

3. Her smile. Her big, huge, beautiful baby smile.

4. Her baby toes.

5. Her mohawk hair.  Red hair. Momma’s Hair.

6. Her sweet little voice.  Ahh-gee-goo. 😉

7. The “ooo” face.  Oh those sweet little lips.

8. Her punching arm.  Yes, I miss her punching my chest while she nursed.  Don’t judge. 🙂

9.  Bath time.  Kick, kick, splash, splash! Her most favorite time.

10. The way she said “maaa, maaa” when she cried.  As if she were calling for me.

11. Her cute little belly button.  So perfect and sweet.

12. They way she lit up when her daddy walked in the room. Oh how she loved to smile at her Daddy.

13. The time she imitated her daddy eating corn on the cob.

14. Boo ba doo (this one’s for you Karl)  A cute little noise between her and her daddy.

15. The way she would calm down, relax and listen when I sang her lullaby.

16. Carrying her in the Moby wrap.  All snuggly warm against my chest.

17. Her laugh. An adorable little high-pitched squeal.

18. The way she tried to turn the pages in her little books, all by herself.  She was a smart cookie!

19. Her little baby chunk wrists.

20. Rocking her to sleep. Feeling her melt in my arms, so peaceful and sweet.

21. The dimple in her chin.

22. Her baby elf ears.  With pretty little earings. 🙂

23. Watching her play with her Daddy.  There was no better thing to watch in the world.

24. Picking her up at the sitter.  Oh how I smothered her with kisses after a long day at work!

25. Her sweet baby smell.  Oh how I miss that baby smell.

I love you sweet angel baby.


Kaiya Rae’s Momma


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