For a fellow bereaved Momma

This post has nothing to do with Kaiya Rae, it is a project for a friend. An online friend I met, who has a similar story of loss, was touched by my post about the meaning of Kaiya Rae’s name.  She commented asking me my thoughts on her Angel baby’s name.  I would like to share publicly here, and hope that she doesn’t mind, as I think it is powerful and will touch others as well.

Her angel’s name is Zachary Aiden.  She wrote to me that Zachary means “the Lord remembers.”  I struggled at first to put meaning to this for her little angel.  Then I decided to do some searching.  I also came upon a slightly different meaning for Zachary, “the Lord recalled”   I pondered for a bit the meaning of the word “recalled” and then decided I should consult the dictionary.  The word recall has several meanings, and can be used many different ways.  As a verb, to recall can mean the same as to remember.  However, it also has meanings “to call back; summon to return” and “to revive.”   Little Zachary certainly was called back, summoned to return to his Heavenly father.  He was also, though not in the way we would hope here on Earth, revived.  He is in the hands of his Heavenly father and has been revived to enjoy the glory of Heaven.

It took some searching and pondering on my part to make sense of his middle name as well.  Aiden means “little fire” or simply “fire.”  Now, I know not all people are Christian or particularly religious, so please take no offense to the fact the this post is mostly related to God, Heaven and The Bible.  I am Christian, and I find deep meaning in the words of the Lord and have sought comfort in them, particularly in the past couple months.  That being said, my first thoughts went to the Bible when I pondered the meaning of Aiden and the significance of fire.  Fire often appears in the Bible and in my search I have come to believe the significance of the word fire for this purpose is related to the “eternal flame.”  I believe that little Zachary Aiden, recalled by the Lord, is a source of eternal light.  A symbol of God, eternal life in Heaven and a source of hope for his family.

I’m not sure how I have become so engrossed in the meaning of names, but I feel I have found a calling.  This was a fun little project for me and I have enjoyed putting my own thoughts into the meaning of this little Angel’s name.  This has been therapeutic for me, and I hope it has brought some joy into the heart of Zachary’s momma.  Rest in Peace baby Zachary Aiden.  Please keep my precious girl company in Heaven.  I am excited to meet you some day.


Kaiya Rae’s Momma


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  1. Marisela
    Jan 30, 2011 @ 19:29:28

    Andrea, thank you sooo soo so much!!! You have me in tears. I never thought about his name in that way…… every time I would think about the meaning, I was always hit dead ends. I can’t express what you have done for me…


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