I have to belive in this

There is a woman named Katt Kerr who wrote a book about her experiences in Heaven.  She claims that God came to her and chose her to be given tours of Heaven to deliver the messages of what she saw to Christians here on Earth. You can see her interview here:


“Children play,” she laughed. “They’re like kids down here and your child misses nothing. God is so good that when you go to Heaven you finish raising your child. Your children if they’re older they live with family members. If they’re little babies they have beautiful fantastic nurseries where angels care for them and family members visit them,” she said.

I have to believe in this.  I have to believe that God brought her to see Heaven and that she saw babies playing in nurseries with Angels.  I have to believe that God sent an online friend to me, who would share this woman’s story with me.  I must believe that it is through these people that he has chosen to tell me that Kaiya is with him. That she is happy and plays with Angels!

You can think that I am crazy. You can think this woman is a lunatic.  You can think whatever you want. But, I choose to believe her.  I know that Kaiya is in Heaven and choose to believe that Heaven is the way Katt Kerr describes it.  I know that my baby is worthy of being cared for by Angels and that is just where she is now.

Kerr says that when we get to Heaven, if our babies and children have gone before us, we get to continue raising them.  How awesome is that?  I will again be Kaiya Rae’s momma.  I am and always will be her forever momma.

Thank you Katt Kerr for your message of hope.  Thank you Angels for taking care of my baby until I am there someday to raise her again.  Thank you fellow bloggers and blog followers in advance for not calling me a raving lunatic for believing in God’s wonderful message of love, hope and Angels in Heaven.

With never-ending love,

Kaiya Rae’s Momma


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Morgan
    Feb 01, 2011 @ 21:25:05

    Just call me stark raving mad, because I believe it all right along with you. God speaks to people in mysterious ways, and who is to say one of those ways can’t be trips to heaven?

    P.s. Keep on writing, momma!


  2. Marisela
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 21:30:15

    I believe her too! (;


  3. Kat Kerr
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 02:24:15

    Dear Momma, You bet you get your precious little one when you go to Heaven. She knows who her parents are and you can even ask Jesus to bring her a gift from you on her birthday or anytime just because you love her. You are a wonderful example of just why He takes me to Heaven – to give you HOPE that life only begins when your loved ones go home to Him. Kaiya Rae at this very moment (even though only a little baby) could be sliding down real rainbows or riding on the beautiful deer or listening to the birds sing meodies just for her! Jesus met her when she arrived and then introduced her to other children to play with. Keep believing, it truly blesses the Father in Heaven! Sweet dreams to you. KAT KERR


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