“I am sure there is Magic in everything, only we have not sense enough to get hold of it and make it do things for us–like electricity and horses and steam.” -The Secret Garden

Magic is everywhere.  I see magic in the way the snow flakes fall from the sky and land gently on my wind shield.  There is magic in every garden where flowers bloom.  There is magic in the way that lady bug fell from the sky in the room that night my sister and I were talking about Kaiya after she had died.

We can’t make magic, all of us.  Only some people are given that special gift.  But, if you look closely and have faith, you will see it.  You will see things you never noticed before.

Magic is prayer.  Magic is love.  Magic is whatever we believe in that makes us feel good.

I am in the play The Secret Garden, which we have been rehearsing for since late December.  I wouldn’t be in this play if Kaiya was still with us.  Believe me, if she could still be here, I wouldn’t care a lick about a play right now!  However, I believe there is a reason I am in this play.  There was magic with me the day I auditioned, and the day I got that part.  Magic named Kaiya Rae.

I play the part of Lily.  If you know the story, you know that Lily is Colin Craven’s mother, who died when he was born.  I play a ghost.  I make magic. It is Lily’s “unfinished business” to bring her family back together.  To make her widowed husband want to be at home with his son again, and welcome his niece (who lost her parents)  into the family as well. She is the magic that brings all these people into each other’s lives and helps things fall into place.

I believe Kaiya is my magic.  Grief has a way of bringing people together.  People who were not so close, become best friends.  People who have never met, meet in unexpected ways.  Is this grief seeking company, or is it magic?  I think loved ones send us magic after they pass.  They send us lady bugs, and snow flakes.  They make people we haven’t talked to in years, send us Walruses!  Most of all, they create the magic of love.

Thank you Kaiya Rae, for your magic.  It helps momma get through the day, because with out it, I would forget how to breathe.

So don’t forget to look for the magic in every day.  See it.  Believe it.  Spread it around!


Kaiya Rae’s Momma


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