Don’t lock up the garden

I haven’t been around much lately! It feels like so long since I have written here.  I’ve been a very busy girl.  The Secret Garden opened on Friday.  It went so much better than any of us expected.  All the “little ones” pulled through, and although they didn’t remember all their lines they managed to make it work!  (Let’s be honest not all of the adults remembered ALL their lines either!) It was a very fun, but exhausting week and weekend!  With that being said, lets get back to my lesson for today.

My friends, please don’t hide away your feelings.  Please don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, happy or sad.  Especially if they are thoughts of Kaiya, or other loved ones who have passed.  Kaiya is and always will be a part of my life.  I carry her with me wherever I go.  She will always be by my side.  I want to talk about her always, and I want you all to listen.

We must carry those who are not here with us, in our hearts always.  We must experience life through their eyes and always remember them!  Hiding away the things that make us think of them, and refusing to face life with out them is to do a dis-service to them and all those who loved them, as well as those who never had the chance!

“I locked up the Garden because I thought if I couldn’t see it, it would keep me from feeling heartbroken. All it did was cause me more misery” Archie Craven, The Secret Garden

Though locking up the garden may hide away the memories that make you sad, along with them you will lose all the ones that make you smile.

So please, don’t lock up the garden.  Tend to it when you can.  Take a break when you need to.  But, do let it bloom and grow.

Kaiya Rae, you are my garden.  You are every flower, and tree.  Every beautiful butterfly and tiny little lady bug. You are the magic in every day and I carry you with me where ever I go.

I love you more today than yesterday and I shall love you still more tomorrow.

Love always,

Kaiya Rae’s Momma


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