Easter in Heaven

I wonder what it was like to celebrate Easter in Heaven, with Jesus himself! How amazing to celebrate the beginning of Heaven, with the man who made it all possible, right in Heaven!  I found myself wishing yesterday that Kaiya was here to wear a pretty Easter dress, and hunt for eggs.  Instead she wears wings and flies with Angels!  I can picture her, chasing after real Easter bunnies, in fields of everlasting Easter Lilies.  Petting the softest fur, softer than any animal on Earth.  I don’t think they hunt for eggs in Heaven.  I bet they think it’s silly!  I wonder how they celebrate.  Maybe all the people in Heaven take turns visiting Jesus and thanking him for dying on the cross.  I guess the angels must have brought Kaiya to Him, I’m not sure she could get there on her own.  Or maybe she can, it is Heaven after all, and she has wings! Maybe he visited her in the Angel’s nursery, just as I asked him to do.  I’m sure it was glorious day.  Everyday in her new home is a glorious day.  Someday I will see it too and enjoy glory, forever, with my sweet baby girl.

Happy Easter sweet angel.  We missed you so much yesterday!


Kaiya Rae’s Momma


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